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Ministry Connect

We have over 7 years of experience crafting brands for churches, businesses and non profits. What we've often found to be a barrier for younger driven churches is the cost associated with high quality custom logo and web design work. We have taken our years of experience and put together a standard product offering and created a process that takes away many of the variables which can easily drive up cost. We are calling this package, our Ministry Connect package and we are excited to offer this to churches 4 years old or younger.


Internal Work of Branding | UX worksheets

With this first Step, you are going through some of the important worksheets needed to start this process. You will explore who you want your church to be, who you want to reach, and then go into some of the planning behind your site. We will then go through the worksheets step by step in our launch meeting


Logo Design

Based off of part one, we will begin to craft your custom logo. From 2 options, down to one option, you will ave a chance to give input on the final logo chosen. 


UX Architecture

After the logo is completed, we will spend time laying out the pages of your site, and making sure we get everything need to start implementing the site.


Web Design

Based on our UX plan, we execute your site to deliver you the optimal site based on your young church.