The Known Campaign


The known campaign started with the passion for serving the homeless population in New York City. Instead of recycling used coats, they wanted to give them something brand new.  The personal message that they are known, even when they are often overlooked, is one way to encourage hurting people. The model is this, purchase a sweater or shirt, and The Known Campaign provides a new hooded sweatshirt, and a bag of toiletry items to someone in need.

The Problem

In its first two years of existence, most of the effort was put into getting The Known Campaign off the ground seasonally during winter. They wanted to shift focus toward expanding and reaching a larger audience to purchase items.


During our strategy session, it became clear that there were 2 main issues that negatively affected multiple customer segments. 

  1.  They had trouble understanding and engaging in the mission.
  2.  The Imagery needed to change to reflect fashion forward design.


Home Page

About Page

1 Messaging

We spent a lot of time together coming up with a shorter mission statement that is easily repeatable and connects to the core values of the Known Campaign. It was shortened to "We engage the forgotten with the truth that they are known." With this as the mission statement, its further explained with, " we do that by engaging the homeless in authentic conversation, and clothing them with brand new sweatshirts with a message"

 We redesigned the website to reflect the new style change, but also to help people get where they need to go as quickly as possible. 

2 Design aestetic 

In order to connect with our audience we had a photo shoot in which the models were  professionally styled with Known apparel. The styles besides looking great, also gave customers an example of how they could wear the clothing themselves. These photos were used throughout all advertising and on social media.